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Are you planning to add to your landscape?

Winter Time

As autumn and winter move in, with leaves changing into many hues of red and gold before falling to the ground.

Fall Colours

The weather starts to turn chilly, the growing season is  coming to an end or is it?

Some plants will head towards dormancy, others  being more frost resistant will provide the last gasps of color, before winter sets in.


For the luckier ones living in warmer climates, not so much changes.

If only we could all enjoy everyday scenes like this !
If only we could all enjoy everyday scenes like this !

Climate Change

For some others the climate has changed enough to wonder if it’s time to convert the ubiquitous lawns.

Sometimes I would call in and cut the clients grass to get away from the office.
Are we going to have to change this view?

Maybe into something more akin to a dessert landscape or perhaps a Mediterranean or Xeriscape landscape.

Very low maintenance, Mediterranean style
Very low maintenance, Mediterranean style

Time to Plan

Now is a great time to start planning any changes as you can follow some simple guidelines.

First establish a budget. Now look at the existing and consider what you might want to change and why.

Write down a wish list of likes and dislikes, add if I could I would do this, etc,.


Now it’s time to decide if you want to do the work your self? 

Or find a contractor to start gathering information on materials and costs etc.

Or engage a designer who can work with you to produce a plan and a program?

Laying natural dri-lay bricks

Each method has it’s pros and cons. Is often decided by available budget or available time to allocate to the project.

My experience has been that most busy people are also quite successful and can therefore afford to engage a designer

They also tend to like to know what they are getting into before they start , so a design works great for them, they also like detail.

Landscape Plan
Landscape Plan

Practical people can often gain most from actually working on the project themselves.

They tend to be natural problem solvers and enjoy the discovery of ‘how to achieve something’

The best advice I learned was to consider what you would like in say 5 years time, as this is often the time when any changes are going to look their best.

It is also a time to consider where you may be in your own life cycle, for example age of children, type of free time available etc.

It's fun here...
It’s fun here…

There is a “Growing Trend’ towards sustainability. 

Growing one’s own food.

Now is a great time to look at all the methods available and how much time should be allocated to such endeavors.

An example from a Chelsea Flower Show exhibit
An example from a Chelsea Flower Show exhibit

Listen to ideas from experts at Growing Trends

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