Sailing in Missouri


Lake Jacomo

Lake sailing in Missouri is both fun and challenging.

There are lots of lakes to choose from. Around Kansas City there are two large lakes on the Missouri side – Lake Jacomo and Smithville Lake. ON the Kansas side there is Perry Lake.

If you want to sail on a large lake then a trip to Stockton Lake is the way to go – its about 3 hours from Kansas City


Sailing on Lake Jacomo

Kansas City Lakes

Are superb, with each have its own advantages. All are ideally suited to sailing for both the novice and expert alike. I would caution anyone wanting to sale for the first time to visit a local club, ask to go out with a member. Then learn how to sail before buying their own sailboat. 

Earlier Days

Cindi and I have been sailing for very many years.

In my case I learned at school on our school lake.


Initially  learning in a ‘Cadet’  dinghy- similar to the one below.

Example of Cadet

Progressing from dinghy sailing ( the best way to start) to larger and progressively more sophisticated craft, as my girth expanded. 


Capri 25

Today we still own a 25ft racing boat. “Stiletto’ she can be challenging and requires a crew of four to compete and reach her full potential.

Calypso a Sabre 28

Our large, heavier and much more comfortable Catalina 28  “Quinley’ is, in our opinion one of the ideal lake and inner coastal sailing boats


                                                                                    Catalina 28


Quinley our Catalina 28


Preparing Quinley for the season.

Changing the registration, cleaning and repairing for the new season.

New REgistration
New signage
Stripping the teak
Cindi’s new signage skills
Repairing the furler and wind vane connections

A new coat of bottom paint and a final waxing and she should be ready to launch.

Quinley off for a sail
Trying out the new sails
Tuning the new sails

Sailing is a great way to unwind after a heavy work week, the quiet is magical, although its necessary to concentrate on the sailing as the wind shifts constantly and the sails need tending to all the time. 

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