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Outside Home Check List

Outside Home Check List

After starting my Real Estate career in England in 1971.

I left for 25 years to development a multi award winning External Works Design & Build Company in London.

Residential Properties

Part of this was spent designing & building high end landscapes on residential properties in Southern England.

We developed an initial review list of what to look for when considering the potential for properties, along with expected on going aftercare.

Our construction teams focused on detailed hard & soft landscaping.

Developing new ‘Designer Drives’ using a  ‘drylay’ system with block, brick and granite materials as early as 1982.

Natural brick & granite
Natural Engineering Brick Dive, in herring bone pattern
Recessed manhole access covers cut into drylay brick paving

Can you see the second manhole cover  ?

Canted block edge that leads the eye around the design.
Practically to let a driver know they were nearly off the driveway.

Some larger homes benefitted from a less expensive softer appearance as below when we used a bonded ( with fibreglass resin) gravel drive with brick gulley detail.

Triple brick drainage channel set around a bonded gravel drive
Bonded gravel with brick gulley edge
Bonded gravel with brick edge


Whilst the list is by no means complete, I am planning on creating a section within this website to show the various techniques and ideas for homeowners.

Porphery setts laid in a radius
Granite paving to create a Mediterranean Style dry landscape

I haven’t made any suggestion as to cost simply because each site is different.

There are many factors impacting costs, not least access, planning and zoning, time of year, scope of works, current material & labor costs.

I do hope though that this provides help in your overall assessment of the property you are reviewing.

I will add sections each week with picture examples.




Just send me an email or complete the form below with the Subject : “ Outside Forms”  adding what you are thinking about doing, I will be happy to make suggestions. 



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