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English Landscape LLC  is my Landscape Design & Build company.

Here you will find a wealth of ideas, with lots of picture examples of finished projects. Before and after picture examples , all from almost 45 years of high quality, award winning work.

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Sometimes a  landscape just seems to ‘pop’ right out at you, you become almost spellbound by its balance and harmony.

This doesn’t happen by chance very often. It is a result of a client choosing the right designer and then working together as a team to create a dream.

A living stage if you will , that constantly changes with the seasons, and yet develops into this amazing restful, visual smorgasbord of colour, contrast and functionality.

Today I thought it might be fun to show some projects under construction, you will notice that most are orderly, very little mess to clutter the picture

( the cleaner you can keep a site the more efficient and the higher the final quality often is).


I hope you enjoy, take a look at some projects here.  English Landscape LLC



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