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    Being a Real Estate Agent in Missouri & Kansas

    Real Estate 

    It took me around 6 months to pass the various real estate exams to become a real estate agent in Missouri and Kansas – a necessity as Kansas City is on the line between the two states.

    My first impression was – Wow this is different to what I remember back in England all those years ago.

    I started in Real Estate working life in 1971 with Messrs Nicholas a medium sized Land & Estate agents in Reading, with around five branches in the locale.

    The License

    This time I had been lucky to pass all the exams on the first attempt.

    A big thank you to Lynn at Real Estate Prep School in Gladstone.

    There is a definite benefit to sitting in a class of contemporaries who know the lingo and are brighter than you !

    Selecting a broker to work for was an interesting exercise in balancing, diving in with both feet or being just a number in a large brokerage with little one on one contact.


    Being somewhat of a social animal.

    I chose a small friendly broker, where I felt learning would be much easier and definitely one to one.

    After a couple of years it was time to move to a little larger brokerage.


    Having spent the best part of 45 years promoting my design and build business working with companies & homeowners in England & America it wasn’t difficult to talk to people.

    Having a ‘Boss’ is a little different!

    Initial real estate advice was you will need to call 50, 60, maybe 70 people a week to obtain clients.

    It’s probably true.

    Whilst I realize that indeed to move ahead it will be necessary to obtain leads and contact lots of people.

    I have also noticed that being stuck behind a phone is not the whole story.

    In fact, my first three clients came from just walking down a street and talking to people.

    it’s at this point I confess that my English accent has its benefits.

    Today, five years after obtaining my licenses.

    Completing many hours of continuing education, code of ethics, learning the multiple listing service, paying all manner of fees, being fingerprinted twice, having two FBI back ground checks and signing up for dotloop, css, forms are us, renting some lock boxes, a crm or two, attending some heavy-duty boot camps.

    It’s time to go sailing a little more.!   

    So I figured why not take the potential clients with me?

    Trying out the new sails

    No, no, I was just dreaming about the European way of working ! 

    Actually, I was serious and during the summer months please do come sailing its fun.

    My short-term goals are to list two homes a month and sell two homes a month, not necessarily the same ones.


    Between the buyer, seller, listing and selling agent, lender, broker, and title company.

    Many of the forms have time restraint penalties and completion penalties. – another word for fines!

    Having completed a reasonable number of sales and purchases.

    I am aware that being on the edge of old has some advantages in this business: –

    • Namely staying calm when all around you are losing their minds is a benefit.
    • Maintaining a sense of humor, while keeping focused on the goal.
    • Listening to the clients needs and wishes.
    • Being patient.
    • Being willing to go out of your way to smooth the process.
    • Keep to the plan – in this case the time program.
    • Remember who your customer is.
    • Most important have fun.
    • Make sure everyone has fun.
    • Just to repeat make it a fun time.

    There is without a doubt something magical about helping someone find their new  home.

    Providing a personal service to each client is very important to me !

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