Structural Walls

Environmentally friendly structural timber walls, that are long lasting ( expect around 50 years) quick, easy and flexible to build with a small team.

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    A large green retaining wall

    A green retaining wall

    Fully retaining gravity walls can be made from specially treated wood..this one is 25ft high!

    Treated Timber Gravity Wall
    Treated Timber Gravity Wall

    Cellular construction


    Completed & Planted


    These walls are quite easy to construct with a small crew, they are light weight and adaptable. We have found that adding small planting ‘burrito’ works really well. The timber weathers much better if covered with planting, it helps to prevent the wood twisting, the planting looks really attractive.



    The top of the wall

    Here you see a green wall some years after completionAfter planting establishes

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