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    Time to Eat – All about growing Herbs & Vegetables

    Gardenesque – Everything to do with Gardens & Landscapes

    World Wide Wesponsibility – A more serious look at sustainability and how we might all help our planet.

    Face Time – Interviews with experts on topics of interest

    Book Reviews – Interviews with authors of books relating to the environment, nature and garden landscaping.

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      A rare moment of peace in the perfect haven of a landscaped garden

      Classic English Garden
      Classic English Garden

      “The commitment & sheer hard work required to achieve career success nowadays takes a heavy toll on our lifestyles. All of us need to counterbalance a busy working schedule with the right level of relaxation. For centuries gardens have been places of retreat and contemplation where our minds, detached from everyday problems, can resolve conflicts and plan confidently for the future.”

      “A rare moment of peace in the perfect haven of a garden brings us renewed harmony with nature”

      A short stroll to the patio
      A short stroll to the patio

      There is something rather special about returning home from work , seeing your beautiful landscape, perhaps pouring a glass of wine, or beer, then taking a walk around your landscaped garden enjoying the trees, flowers, shrubs, all whilst listening to the insects & birds, before an evening meal.

      This tends to be a bit of a chore when the temperature is over 90f with sweat  dripping off  your forehead with each sip, however once the temperature falls to below 80f  it is very much more relaxing.

      It’s a great time to water the container plants ,dead head the flowers, check on the veggies , check on the water levels of the ornamental ponds, maybe even pull the odd weed from your immaculate borders.  You do have immaculate borders?  I mean what would the neighbours say ?

      Garden Pond
      Garden Pond

      Finally stroll back to the main terrace to complete or restock the beverage..mmmm ‘if only’ I hear you say, alternatively pop into a nearby park at lunchtime for a few minutes peace and relaxation.

      Soft brick & natural stone terrace

      Unexpected benefits of gardening

      Research is now emerging that suggests that digging in the soil is actually beneficial, as the microbes found in real soil are the very ones that help us feel good . – Perhaps its time for us to develop adult sand pits?  No just kidding, all that yucky sand traipsed indoors would wreak havoc with the carpets,  “She who must be obeyed” would read us the riot act.

      I do think that , garden landscapes are for using, they are not like a trophy, or picture hanging on the wall, they are alive, constantly changing ,constantly in need of nurturing, feeding, watering ,tending  but above all else enjoying.

      What better way to enjoy than to actually get into the midst of the garden and soak up all those positive ions?

      A maturing landscape
      A maturing landscape

      This beautiful award winning garden was developed some years ago for a very busy client, who had a passion for orchids , immaculate lawns, with filled to the brim shrub borders.

      Just using white summer bedding is very effective in such a large garden

      We were often asked how it was that most lawns had these long lasting “stripes”. The secret is two fold, first the mower used has to have a roller behind the cutting blades, it can be a rotary mower, although the best is obviously a cylinder mower, also the roller should be the drive method for the mower .

      The second is to make sure that each time you cut , you turn 90 degrees from the last.

      The advantage of the cylinder mower is, usually you are cutting finer grass, and it needs to be quite short, a rotary mower tends to tear the grass blades and thus causes bruising, so it never looks as good, but it is able to cut much tougher grass which is usually also much higher in length.

      A large main lawn
      A large main lawn

      Sometimes when I wished to get away from the constant ringing phone , a product of having great teams, being in constant demand and being easy to contact, I would head out to a clients garden and actually spend an hour or two cutting their lawn for them, although it earned me the reputation of ‘The Gardener in a Suit” as I always wore a suit and tie to work !

      It was a great way to recharge the batteries !

      The complete lawn
      The complete lawn

      Come listen to our interviews at Growing Trends they are all about these amazing folks with a passion for landscape gardening, the experts that help them and the wonderful folk that create them.

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      Ann & Chris

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