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    Trends in European Garden Centers

    Ann is in Paris, France talking to Valerie Langendorff, President of a Women’s Garden Executive Club.
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    Valerie looks at Garden Centers from the ladies perspective in France, her ladies group have identified a number of interesting trends..

    Women make 70% of the purchase decisions.

    Currently 90% of Garden Centers are managed by men.

    They have developed an annual awards program judged by women.

    Ladies nights are arranged in the Garden Center

    They have an award for the most women friendly Garden Center.

    They have discovered that women like innovation more than men..

    You can listen to this fascinating interview here or on iTunes

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    If I were opening a Garden center today

    Garden Centers have evolved over the years, there are Independent Garden Centers often in a local neighborhood, there are larger groups with multiple locations.

    Many of the big box ‘Do it Yourself stores’ have larger and larger ‘Garden Center’ sections.

    The question recently has been where are they all heading.

    So Ann asked Sid & John – “If I were to open a Garden Center today what would be your recommendations?”

    Sid Raisch

    CEO of Horticultural Advantage ( , providing business expertise and extensive leadership training to small to medium horticultural businesses, primarily retail garden centers and selected wholesale suppliers.

    John Stanley.

    International retail guru is what people call me. Specialising in helping retail businesses to grow their bottom line and expand their market base. I work in 26 countries with retailers of all sizes. My expertise ranges from conference speaking to hands on management consultancy. My specialist retail areas are in perishable retailing – anything that will not last long without loving care on the shelf

    Garden Center

    Sid and John discuss future trends for gardens, garden centers, and our urban environment.

    This fascinating , very informative interview is going to have you thinking.

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