• Books I'm Writing

    Books I’m writing

    January 2019.

    Second Book.


    The second book in the series “Journey to….. ” is close to being finished.   This time Dylan & Sophie meet a very brave young man that becomes a good friend and travelling companion.

    The expanded team visit Rome, New Jersey, Chicago and London in their travels.


    Third Book


    A few adult friends, whilst critiquing my first book – I confess to needing a good editor ( Thank you Sally).

    Asked me to write a more  adult leaning book. So for all you conspiracy theorists out there I am pleased to let you know I am half way through a very up to date conspiracy. Suffice to say it contains quantum computers, spacecraft, particle accelerators, software engineers, yachts the South of France and the Caribbean.  Oh yes and very big trees like the one in the picture ( it weighs in at 650 tonnes) being moved around like confetti !


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