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    The Growing Potential for Algae Part Two

    When we started this latest series of interviews with Bill Sosinsky and Joe Ravet we soon realised how important Algae is to life on our planet.

    algae 3

    We never realised how interesting or how much interest these interviews would generate.

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    Here’s the second part, it’s fascinating, informative and what the future holds for us all.

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    Have a listen then drop us a line with your thoughts we would love to hear from you.

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    Growing Potential for Algae – Part one

    Our interview this week is with Bill Sosinsky and Joe Ravet, it’s all about the amazing properties of algae and  the work being done today that could transform many areas of our lives. This fascinating interview is in two parts, with the second part coming next week.



    Algae has some fascinating uses :-

    As an Energy Source –  a 737 plane flew from Houston to Chicago on fuel derived from algae, way back in 2011

    algae for jet fuel

    As a Fertilizer – from as long ago as the 16th century, seaweed has been used a fertilizer.

    As a source of Nutrition – China has been consuming Algae for over 2000 years, they harvest over 70 species as does Japan, Ireland, Chile, Wales,Korea, California, New Zealand, Hawaii, Scotland, Greenland and Iceland to name a few. It was an ingredient in Aztec foods.

    Oils obtained from some algae  have high levels of unsaturated fatty acids,others essential omega 3 fatty acids.

    As a Pollution control –  treating sewage with algae, reducing the use of toxic chemicals that would be used. They can absorb fertilizer run off from fields. Aquariums can be filtered by algae

    As a Pigment  – alternative to chemical dyes

    As a Medicine – helping fight malnutrition, immune health, reducing cholesterol

    algae 3

    Amazingly  there could be more than 72000 algae species worldwide.

    You can hear our interview with Bill Sosinsky and Joe Ravet on iTunes at Growing Trends or here on our podcast just click below to hear 

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      Interview with Dr Charles Rawlings author of Living Shells

      Living Shells

      Ann and I were very fortunate to interview Dr Charles Rawlings MD , he has an interesting passion, studying & photographing ‘living shells’, a scuba diver for the past thirty or so years Dr Rawlings has been observing, studying & photographing ‘living shells’ all over the world.









      His knowledge of these creatures, their habits and habitats is extraordinary.

      Recently he produced a beautiful coffee table book of pictures of these amazing creatures.

      We caught  up with Dr Rawlings as he was planning yet another trip.

      You can hear our interview at on our iTunes Podcast   

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      We hope you enjoy the interview, do send us any comments you may have.

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