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    Journey to Dreamtime

    Journey to Dreamtime

    When my children were growing up, we used to take a three-week vacation during the month of August, to visit the in-laws in France.
    This would involve a lengthy car drive to either the Jura mountains near Geneva (about 700 miles), or further south to Lyon (about 800 miles) or really south to Marseilles (almost 1500 miles).

    On these long journey’s, I would dream up stories to keep everyone amused.
    This is the story of one such adventure!  – With a few additions.    
    Journey to Dreamtime
    ‘The Journey is part of a series, learning about how we were able to grow food in ever more efficient ways.
    Journey to Dreamtime is a story told through the eyes of two adventurous children and their pets.”

    The book came about last year when I was asked if we might develop a learning aid for children based on :-

    How do we grow food ?

    How do we  develop a sustainable approach to today’s agriculture?

    How do we cope with modern city life?

    I thought the eight lessons was a great idea because we do need to help this planet of ours every so often, and our children are our future.

    After much thinking, coupled with the odd glass of wine – I’m fairly partial to a nice burgundy.

    Along with late night chats with friends and my lovely wife.

    A small light bulb  began to flicker ever more brightly – (well it has to be an LED these days).

    “Why not make the learning an adventure story?”

    Journey to Dreamtime was born.

    “The Children are introduced to a Magical Globe. The Globe takes them on some fantastic journeys of discovery”

    The original request was for eight lessons.

    This ,the first is called Journey to Dreamtime . 

    Now available in Paperback and as an eBook

    You can read more and purchase here…www.journeytodreamtime.com

    Please do let me know what you think…. book two is going to be based more in Italy & America.


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    • Books I'm Writing

      Books I’m writing

      January 2019.

      Second Book.


      The second book in the series “Journey to….. ” is close to being finished.   This time Dylan & Sophie meet a very brave young man that becomes a good friend and travelling companion.

      The expanded team visit Rome, New Jersey, Chicago and London in their travels.


      Third Book


      A few adult friends, whilst critiquing my first book – I confess to needing a good editor ( Thank you Sally).

      Asked me to write a more  adult leaning book. So for all you conspiracy theorists out there I am pleased to let you know I am half way through a very up to date conspiracy. Suffice to say it contains quantum computers, spacecraft, particle accelerators, software engineers, yachts the South of France and the Caribbean.  Oh yes and very big trees like the one in the picture ( it weighs in at 650 tonnes) being moved around like confetti !


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