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    Hello, I’m Chris,

    A little about me,                                                                     

    I’ve always strived to be just a little different.

    Over the years this approach has enabled me to embrace a varied and really fulfilling work environment.

    Exploring many areas and seeing a huge variety of places. At the same time meeting many fascinating people from all walks of life. 

    I’ve enjoyed every moment, gaining much insight into the ways of clients and the world.

    Providing me with a huge amount of experience. Working with thousands of homeowners over almost 50 years.

    More Importantly, I’ve found that patience, attention to detail with regular contact helps the process of buying and selling homes.

    Please reach out call or text me at 816 813 0729 

    or just take a look at properties that are available now , visit  – My website


    My early days:

    On leaving school my first job was as a junior sales assistant to the assistant of the Commercial Partner in a large local Real Estate firm with five offices. In my then, home town of Reading, England.

    It was a busy fun place to work, with a great team of around 30 or so professionals specialising in Country Homes, Rural Estates, Shops & Offices, Rural Land and Antique sales.

    It didn’t take long to learn a huge amount, showing homes, offices, shops and industrial complexes – I recall spending a few days chain surveying a now extremely famous rock stars new estate.

    On another occasion we valued an entire aerodrome – now a large business park.

    The company used to manage estates for the rich and famous, one of my jobs was to keep the ‘Gun Book’ for Sir Charles Clores, Stype Estate. The pheasants were then sent on to Selfridges his London department store – It seemed earning how to write in Italics had its benefits!

    Amenity Horticulture

    After a year or so, I was introduced to the newly developing industry of Commercial Amenity Horticulture – a cross between Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Construction Management,  Surveying and Horticulture.

    I decided to spend the next four years learning more. It was a great decision at the time.

    Four years training for a degree. Then working for a large parks department in London. After a few years forming our own company in London.

    External Design & Build

    A cross between Landscape Architecture & Construction Management was just making an impact on cities it was an exciting time. My three partners and I soon discovered that our knowledge and training gave us a huge advantage over our competitors.

    We won many awards, as I recall around 18, were given fabulous projects to carry out, learned an incredible amount about design, engineering, construction and project management.

    Here are just a few examples of our work.

    The drive surface above is a combination of fiberglass mixed with dried p-shingle, the edging is a triple brick gulley

    A more traditional dry-lay brick drive.

    Working in London

    I trained and employed truly superb craftsmen. Designed and built both of these executive residences landscapes.


    These pictures show how the properties have matured after 25 years. 

    A natural brick & stone terrace

    Landscape features.

    We had fun designing and building features for each garden landscape.

    Here, a simple pergola.

    Here a Mediterranean dry landscape – no grass


    Here’s a small selection of projects over the years, with many thanks to all the wonderful staff that were part of the team that enabled us to carry out such lovely work for our clients.

    I’ve added some of my work and hobbies, to give a more fuller idea about me, such as writing children’s books, conducting Interviews around the world for our Growing Trends podcast.

    A whole host of landscape ideas ( some might be of interest to you) that we employed or invented for homes, roof gardens, children’s playgrounds, hospitals, parks and streets – collecting both awards and industrial patents along the way.



    My relaxing passion is sailing – that’s not me hanging over the rails, its the sailboat in front trying to keep us behind them in a race ! 

    I’ve been sailing since the age of 8. I learned on an English lake in a 10ft 6 inch Cadet like the one below. We actually made one in plywood as a woodworking project at school when I was 11.

    Example of Cadet sailing

    Today my wife Cindi and I have a Catalina Capri 25 and a Catalina 28

    Capri 25
    Stiletto our Racing Capri 25
    “Quinley” our relaxing Catalina 28
    Tuning the new sails
    Trying out the new sails

    Sailing is one of the most relaxing, thought provoking, physically exhausting and challenging pastimes one could have. It teaches you to focus 100% on the task at hand.

    Which conveniently leads me to how I approach Real Estate. 


    Hopefully you will allow me to help you discover your dream home or assist you selling a property, or just give you an idea or two.

    I would very much like to help you with your home sale or search for a new home.


    I’m here to help you. 

    If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent licensed in the Kansas City Metro and Surrounding Area and most importantly not already signed with another agent.

    Please consider contacting me. A simple text  to 816 813 0729 will get us started.

    Are you looking for someone that has the time to provide you with a professional service?


    I am someone who is willing to spend the time helping you sell your home or buying your next dream home?


    If you prefer to email : chrisdysoncoope@kw.com

    Let’s begin the journey to find your dream home or sell your property today!   




    Contents of the website.

    The additional sections within this website, of which there are many, include a series of fascinating interviews, from some very special experts across the world.

    I’m happy to answer any questions on any of the articles on landscaping, just drop me a line to get started. – chris@chriscoope.com

    Thank you for stopping by, 


    Realtor® with Wingman Real Estate Associates.  KW Partners Inc  –  Each office is Independently owned & Operated

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